How To Remove Wasps By Using Environmentally Friendly Methods?

Nowadays the environment is degrading very rapidly due to the use of excessive fossil fuels. There may be a lot of reasons but we are not going to talk about those reasons. Here I wanted to inform you that we should use environmentally friendly methods at every point of our life. As we know, wasps are very dangerous for us. Because they give unbearable pain to us by biting and injecting their venom. So everyone wants relief from them so here also we have to use environmentally friendly methods for Bee Removal

Remove Wasps By Using Environmentally Friendly Methods

Different Environmentally Friendly Methods -:

There Are So Many Different Ways To Get Rid Of Wasps But We Wanted Environmentally Friendly Methods.

  1. Use of vinegar:- So here is one environmentally friendly method in which we have to use vinegar. In this method we have to take two cups of apple cider vinegar and take two spoons of sugar. Then dissolve these things in some water and stir it for sometime. Then keep that solution near the nest and by the smell of this solution the wasp will go away.
  2. Use of insecticide spray:- Another way is by using natural insecticide spray which is also available. So, these sprays would harm the environment as well as bees/wasps. We can use summer bugs away which are natural and DEET-free. It is not toxic also.
  3. Regular cleaning:- The best way to get rid of wasps is the cleanliness of the home. Food would attract wasps so the open kept food and highly sugar food would become the reason for the wasp to come into your home. So, everyone should cover the food with something or keep it in the refrigerator. This is the best natural way to get rid of wasps.
  4. Make fake nests:- Another natural pest solution is by fooling wasps, we can do this by making fake nests. So the wasp’s are territorial which means if they think another colony is living here then we will automatically leave your home and make their nest in any other place.
  5. Use of lemons and chillies:– It is said that if you hang lemons and chillies out of your home then the wasp will not enter your home. They did not like the smell of perished lemon and chillies. Due to this unpleasant smell they will make their colony away from your home. This is also a good natural way to get rid of wasps. 

If you know that wasps do not like the hot atmosphere and if they come in contact with the hot atmosphere they can even die. So, we can boil some water and then we can pour or throw it to the wasp’s nest through which they can be immediately eliminated. Now it is our responsibility to use environmentally friendly methods so that we can protect our environment as well as ourselves from the sting of wasp’s. Everyone should understand that the degrading environment causes many health problems and we should use Professional Pest Control ways to get rid of wasps.