How Can Silverfish Damage Your Home?

How Can Silverfish Damage Your Home?

When you hear the word silverfish the first thing that comes up in your mind is a silver colour fish. But it is also a type of creepy insect that can cause trouble for you. These silverfish can cause health problems for you and your family as they can transmit the disease by contaminating the food and pantry items in your house. They can also harm your wallpapers and fabrics as well. Additionally, silverfish are attracted to food items like sugar and flour. As they love to live in moist places, so you can also find them in bathrooms and basements. Always keep in mind that they can easily damage paper, so you must keep your important documents safely.

Steps To Keep Silverfish Away From Your Home 

  1. Keep the food items in glass containers – You can put the food items in a glass container and wrap them properly with the tape. It is one of the best ways to keep them away from food items. It will be difficult for them to move or crawl on the smooth glass surface. 
  2. Keep newspapers away from them – They can easily make newspapers their home to live there. Once you find out those newspapers just throw them away or burn them to keep them away from your home. You can easily get rid of them by doing this.
  3. Setup a trap – You can set a trap to catch them. When they start crawling they will get stuck in your trap. This trap will help you to get rid of them easily.
  4. Use silverfish poison – You can easily get rid of them by using a silverfish poison. Always keep in mind that you should not use this poison if you have small children in your house. This poison can be dangerous for children if they touch or smell.
  5. Clean your house properly –  You can also get rid of them by properly cleaning your house. You have to clean your kitchen, bathroom, and basements on time. It is your responsibility to keep your house clean. Don’t leave the food on the plate after eating anything. Cleanliness will keep these creepy insects away from your home. 
  6. Cedar oil is effective –  Cedar oil is considered as one of the effective ways to get rid of these silverfish. The strong smell of cedar oil is irritating for these creepy insects.

Give A Call To The Pest Control Experts 

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